Action Scripting

Action Scripting

Actionscript is an object oriented scripting language, based on ECMAScript (ECMA – European Computer Manufacturers Association). It is similar to the JavaScript programming language. Using Actionscript you can add interactive functionality to your web site. The most popular software, which benefits from the Actionscript implementations is Flash. Through the Actionscript code the developer can set and control the actions of the Flash objects. It can be used for different web sites: basic Flash animations, interactive Flash games, e-commerce applications, complicated community portals and many more.

Benefits of Action Scripting

Action Scripting allows you to “program” in a menu driven environment. You respond to the prompts presented to you, and then, behind the scenes, Alpha Five translates your responses into the appropriate Xbasic code.

Once you have created an Action in an Action Script, you can always go back and edit the Action in the same prompted environment.

For those who want to eventually learn Xbasic, Action Scripting is an ideal starting point. For each Action you create, you can view the corresponding Xbasic code. The code is extensively commented, so it is easy to understand.

Even experienced Xbasic programmers will often use Action Scripting to quickly generate error-free code, which can then be hand modified. You create Action Scripts in the Alpha Five Code Editor.spela casino online